Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Yay or nay?

My mind has been focused on home decorating. Home decorating on a very, very skimpy budget. Since the majority of our money is going right to the down payment, we won't have much left over for anything other than blinds, paint, a garage door opener, garbage cans, and other new home necessities.

So I've been trying to work with what I have while adding some budget-conscious tweaks. I scored at Urban Outfitters this weekend. I didn't allow myself to look at any clothing (except for an awesome red and black scarf that I got on clearance, but that doesn't count), and I headed straight for the home section. The first thing I found was this amazing set of salt and pepper shakers for $1.99! I was flipping out because I had recently bookmarked something similar.

There was a big bin filled with clearance artwork, so I peeked through and found this Kathleen Lolley triptych for $9.99. It's three 8"x8" canvases with paintings of birds flying planes that look like birds. What could be more perfect? These are going in my powder room. I haven't taken a picture yet, but here's an image of one of the pieces.

Next stop, ebay! I purchased the Michael Miller fabric that I wanted for my kitchen at a discounted price. Woohoo! And I went looking for some projects. I am really pissed off at myself because I found this set of Syroco birds that I wanted terribly, but I was careless and forgot when the auction ended. So I missed it. But I'm keeping my eye out for these.

Then I thought maybe I could get some antique-y looking frames and paint them a bold color for a photo wall. I found these. I ended up losing the auction because I went to sleep, but the seller is giving me a second chance to buy the item for the price I bid ($30). It's 10 5x7 frames. Should I do it? It's a great price, but would it be better to just head out to thrift stores and garage sales and try to find a mish mash of frames instead? What do you think?

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Anonymous said...

Id say unless you want them all the same hit up thrift stores. Then you can find lots of different shapes like round and oval and in bigger sizes. Then just get spray paint. Howevor if you want them all the same size thats not a bad deal. Good luck. What fun...a new home.