Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Kitchen & Office

I really need to start planning my new home. Hopefully I can have a week overlap on homes so I can get in there and paint without all that furniture in the way. If that happens, I have to have my colors and everything picked out soon. I went to Home Depot yesterday (we have a gift card that I've been saving), and I picked out a million paint chips and took photos of ceiling fans. I was like a Home Depot tourist.

Anyway, I might flip flop in the next few weeks, but here are some ideas. I found fabrics that I loved and tried to use them as inspiration for rooms. They might turn into curtains or wall art or something, who knows?

First is the kitchen.
I'm in love with this fabric (top left). And the kitchen is most likely the only place in the house where Rob would allow purple. I'd love to have the walls in the light, celery-esque green, but I'm thinking that with the light cabinets and the light flooring, a darker wall might work better. Any thoughts?

And then there's my office.

All of my office furniture is black-brown. And I need to get one of those Expedit bookcases from IKEA that everyone seems to have. The carpet is light cream berber. I thought this fabric (top left) was so much fun! So I think what I'd like to do is split the wall, either by installing a chair rail, or just having a mock chair rail stripe. I haven't decided yet.

I have to figure something out for Rob's Nerdy Education Room, the bedroom, the bathrooms, and the hardest of them all, the living/dining room area. So many color options! And I'm not a fan of painting (probably because of my scrawny, weak arms), so once I do this, I want to make sure I don't have to do it again for a while!

Any thoughts?


C said...

Who makes that great fabric? And where can I buy some?

Kat - Taylor Made designs said...

my kitchen is a soft green like that. I love it. It's benjamin moore's hibicus. Then my studio off the kitchen is a dark shade.. I think it's green apple or something like that. I love the energy of both colours. Good luck. I think your choices are great.

miss.supafly said...

Ooh ooh! So cute! I love that fabric for your office!

Your soon-to-be-neighbor said...

Love the celery color for your kitchen!!! The purple would work too... the sun pounds through that window facing your street all day so there will be alot of sunlight coming in to brighten it up (I live on same street).

LOVE that blue color for your office. Just as fyi... Those Expedit bookcases are HEAVY. Much easier to open the box downstairs and carry the pieces up a few at a time rather than lugging the entire box upstairs at once!

You'll have lots of fun painting, but just make sure you keep extra on-hand for touching up. After my 1 year in the place there were lots of nail pops that Kaplan had to come back in and fix so you'll need to touch up after they do that....

Melissa said...

Hey future neighbor! Good to read you again! We just went by the place today to check out progress. Flooring is in! But the doors were locked, which was disappointing because I was hoping to measure the windows for blinds.

Good info regarding the nail pops. That happened to a friend of mine and I didn't even think about keeping paint. What a pain. I guess that means I actually have to be organized this time. Yikes!

Your soon-to-be Neighbor said...

Glad you don't consider me a stalker, but rather a welcoming neighbor!! Do you know anyone else who lives in the neighborhood? Or just me, your blog lurker?

Be glad the doors are locked! Before I moved into my unit, I would come by nearly every weekend to check things out. In fact, I checked out dozens of other units prior to picking out my custom upgrades because they left all of the doors unlocked!!! It was really nice to be able to see the real stuff in a real unit instead of a 6 inch square sample or a single cabinet door!!

But here's the reason why I say be glad the doors were locked... They had a huge rash of thefts here during construction and every appliance for an entire building were stolen -- brand new and still in the box!!!

OH... and before they sucker you in, DO NOT BUY WINDOW SCREENS FROM THE PEOPLE THEY REFER YOU TO! The woman in the sales office (Diana) and the builder guys will refer you to this 'guy who sells and installs window screens'. Everyone in my section truly believes they are incahoots with the builder. They were going to charge me over $250 for stupid window screens that cost me less than $100 from Home Depot! I have all of the window manufacturer info for you when you get closer to needing them....

You don't have a 'contact me' link on your blog (not one that I've found) or I'd email you directly instead of cluttering your comments :-)

Melissa said...

I love all the advice!! I need it, because I know how those builders try to rip people off. They actually hadn't mentioned anything about window screens yet. But i was going to get them online through, most likely.

We were going to do a lot of the "upgrades" ourselves, since their prices seemed crazy. I think it was $600 for a garage door opener! No way.

I should add a contact link! But you can email me at mel829 at mac dot com! You're the only one I "know" in the neighborhood, so I need to hear the inside scoop!

Mista said...

Love your future office colors. I've done different variations of purple. Love the purple. It looks really nice with white. Are you going to paint the cabinates? My kitchen is currently tomato soup. Light bounces off of it really well. Maybe for your purple, you could go a little lighter? That's how my bathroom is, with white tile. There's one window in it, and with the light, it looks really nice and fresh. My bedroom was also the same purple, but it was colder feeling, for some reason. So I changed it to butter, which is also how the living room is. Not that you needed to know every color of the rooms of my apt. Can't wait to see what you do!