Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Am I really an A-hole???

Yesterday I was cursed out by a crazy Philly man. Here's the story:

Leaving my parking garage, I take a little alley to get onto Race Street. Since Race is always backed up, you have to wait for a kind person to let you into the line of traffic. A nice man in a truck let me go yesterday, but since the light hadn't let out, I just inched up into the small space, waiting until I could completely turn left onto the street. By doing this, the back of my car was blocking the sidewalk.

It's never a problem. People just walk behind your car. Big whoop. It's freaking Center City. Well, one crazy man didn't want to walk around, I guess, so he starts cursing at me. "F#$%ing a**hole!" I couldn't completely understand what he was shouting. But as he passes behind my car, he smacks it! Whatever, crazy dude. Now your hand is even dirtier than it was prior to touching my dirt-mobile.

As he stares me down while he keeps walking, I stare back, smile a HUGE smile, and give him a friendly (yet condescending) wave. He DID NOT like this. "F#$% YOU!!!! F#$%ing a**hole!" Wow.

I think that was the first time anyone called me an a-hole (to my face at least).


Mary said...

OMG. That crazy philly man was having a BAD DAY, I guess. Sheesh! I dont see what the big deal is. Some people just have a screw loose! He's one of 'em!

miss.supafly said...

Hilarious! People get so crazy about things don't they?

I did have a moment in a cross walk where a driver pulled right into the crosswalk, blocking me from crossing without going around when he could've just come to a stop 3 feet in front of the pedestrian only zone.

I had half a mind to open the back passenger door, scoot my way through his back seat, and right on out the other door where I'd land safely in the crosswalk he chose to block. But I didn't have the guts so I just walked up very close to the front door, gave him the stink eye and went around.

Thanks for sharing your story!

devon said...

as a person who has been called an a$$hole more than once in her life, just let it roll of ya'back. ;) :)