Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Lab Partners Giveaway!

Nearly a year ago I bought this adorable set of gocco prints from Lab Partners to frame and put in my kitchen. However, I went with a different color scheme, so I don't have a spot for these lovelies. Do you??

(image courtesy of Lab Partners)

I don't want them stored away in a box when they deserve to be displayed. So leave me a comment in this post and I'll pick a random person to send them to! They measure 4.25"x6" each.

EDIT: Duh, I realized I never said when the drawing would be! I'll pick a winner on Monday, around 6pm ET. Something fun for the start of the week!


Edith said...

oooo...these prints are lovely and they would have a nice home in our new place.
I love the new look.

five dot design said...

oooo i love 'em! and i love how your home is shaping up... and the trick with the white borders- genius- i LOVE not having to edge! wish i would have thought of that when i was paiting my house!

Cat said...

ooo those are fun!
I'm entering my name!!

ps- i like the new blog look!

Artsy Fartsy said...

I came over to say thanks for all the positive comments, and now I find you are giving stuff away. Oh dear, we must be friends! You have inspired me to do the same once we get settled (well, that, or maybe a free apron!).

Please put my name on the list! I love them...aqua is truly one of my favorite fact, I think its going to be the first can of paint I buy for the house.

Thanks for all of your encouragement on the house. It is indeed very stressful, but then I read blogs like yours and I know in the end it will be so rewarding!

Sorry about the screens, though. I've heard of other builders scrimping on details, and it is so frustrating. I guess the devil is really in the details.

queenoftheclick said...

Hello! Your place is awesome and I love the colors. I wouldn't of thought of using that color in the kitchen, but I might consider it for our next place.

I love these prints! They are my color and theme (tea). I went to the Lab Partners site on etsy to purchase them and they are no longer available.

I love Gocco style. I have Matte Stephens (also from Esty) work in my bathroom. This print:

Anonymous said...


I love the way your new Casa is coming together! I check back here often for more updates and photos! I just love your design style. And your Craft Lab is FAB!

And those little gocco prints are dahling! Count me in for the big pick!

Can I possibly use any more exclamation points?(!)

Keep up the great work!
~ Kimburg!

ruthie said...

nice! love it:) these are my colors for the kitchen and living room!

i really like the prints you made up for your kitchen. you should put those up in your etsy shop...

Bunny B said...

Ooo... those are really cute! Thank you for the chance!!

bunnybox9 at gmail . com

Justin M said...

I've had too much coffee!

Desirae said...

Aw! Those would look so cute in my craft room to be!

My house is almost done and I have my own little craft space, which I am so excited for (*dreams of cards, color, and creativity...and two pretty little gocco prints on the wall*)

Happy Friday!

mi2 said...

love this print. What a great idea!

BTW, your house is coming along nicely. I really enjoy seeing the pictures on Very inspiring! ^_^