Friday, June 27, 2008

Streak Be Gone

I think I'll always wear glasses. Not just because I have this weird eye phobia (so contacts are out!) but because it's part of my identity. I embrace my geekdom. And another part of my identity is short dark hair. Whenever my hair grows out, I just don't feel like myself anymore. So when my amazing stylist, Sandi, works her magic, I'm returned to my good ol' Melissa again.

I finally feel back to normal!

Question for you. I can't decide whether I want to tuck my hair behind my ears like in these photos:

New hair, yay!

Or leave it untucked like here:

Geez, my face looks really puffy in that last photo. Bad angle.


marzi said...

i think it looks great both ways! the first are more casual and the last is more sophisticated. different styles for different days? you're so darned photogenic it makes me sick! ;)

Melissa said...

Ha! Thanks! Honestly, I took like 40 pictures of myself and these were the only acceptable ones. (Pssst, I also Photoshopped myself, but don't tell anyone!)

danielle said...

Your hair is adorable. And it looks cute either way. You can totally rock the glasses.

Mary said...

I agree with Marzi! I liked the streaks too, but this is more "you"...somehow. At least to my perception of you ;) hahaha

Very cute style!

devon said...

i say tuck it when you want to read, "vulnerable, yet guarded." and leave it out when you want to read, "guarded, yet bulnerable."


Mrs. Maria said...

Love it! Oh, it makes me wanna cut my hair!!!! We don't have matching hair right now, poooh! :) I love it, you look so good in dark hair! It's a winner ladies and gentlemen! ** WINK **

Artsy Fartsy said...

You look so sophisticated! I love the glossy darkness of the new 'do! I think I like it untucked for pictures, but the tucking makes the hairstyle a little more casual. Either way, you look fabulous!