Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sleep-talking Nonsense

I do not like to be woken up. And when I wake up, I do not like to be spoken to. Rob, however, talks at all times of the day. Middle of the night, while he's eating, even while he's using mouthwash. Seriously. So it is not uncommon for him to attempt to start a conversation when I'm half asleep. Most of the time I can ignore him and fall back asleep, but if he requires a response, I immediately turn into a cranky-pants.

I've been using my iPhone as my alarm clock since I haven't been able to find mine post-move. I suppose I've gotten used to this fact because at 2am this morning when my phone went off, I pushed a button, assuming I was hitting the snooze. A few seconds later, I hear a random voice.

"Yo, where you at?"

Rob says something to me about my phone. I respond with, "that's just the alarm," and try to go back to sleep. The "where you at's" keep coming, and Rob says, "Melis, someone is on your phone." Still half asleep I repeat, already getting irritated, "That was just the alarm." More talking coming from my phone. Rob, not understanding how I don't realize the fact that a wrong number called me and instead of hitting "snooze", I hit "accept call," says, "You're getting 2am phone calls from strange dudes! It's not your alarm!"

You'd think I'd wake up by now, right? No. I snap, "That's just the alarm service! I called the alarm service and this is who's calling me back!" and fall back asleep, half realizing that there really was a strange dude on the phone and pressing the "end call" button.

I nearly forgot all about it until Rob reminded me this morning. Whoops.


Jeope said...

What's worse is, you never did tell me where you at.

Mary said...

hahaha that's funny!

Patrick talks a lot too...especially right before I'm trying to fall asleep. And he has a voice that resonates loudly, so it's hard to ignore him haha :)