Monday, June 16, 2008

Take a seat.

I thought I would get to this project sooner than this, but I must have been disillusioned because I thought my whole house would be set up by now. Crazy me! Last night I finished up some boxes in the dining room, so I was finally able to move the dining table to the area where it belongs. Then at 10pm last night, I thought I'd give this project a go. I only finished one chair. Turns out I'm not as handy with a staple gun as I'd like to believe, so I'm saving the other three chairs for when I get a little bit of energy.

What do you think?? I really like the fabric. And I think it's a nice touch in the room. I'd still love a new dining set, but in the meantime, this will work out okay.

Updated Dining Chairs

Like usual, things have been non-stop busy. I feel like my house will never get done at this rate! Tonight we're headed to the Sox @ Phillies game, which was an anniversary gift to Rob. But apparently the weather isn't going to cooperate. Heavy thunderstorms and hail is predicted. Nice.


devon said...

mel! that looks AMAZING!!!
where do you find all this stuff!?
the fabric is awesome. you must have a lot of resources in philly. :)

YourNewNeighbor said...

Love the fabric! Where did you find that?

We went to the Phillies game Monday night also... so glad it only sprinkled a few raindrops! It was a great game!!!!!