Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I Want It All

I have a serious shopping problem. And having a new house, I am finding that I can pretty much justify the most unnecessary purchases. What do I want now? A quilt/coverlet. During the summer months, we still sleep with a big ole down comforter on our bed. It's fine for Rob because he'll sleep without the covers, but I have this weird thing where I NEED to be covered, even if it's sweltering.

And now the addition of the ceiling fan has made it worse. I hate having cold air blowing on me. So I tuck up under the huge comforter and then in two minutes I'm sweating like crazy. I pull the comforter away and in two minutes I'm freezing. I need a light quilt/coverlet that I can hide under without melting.

After doing a little looking around in my price range, I found this one from West Elm. I love the green! I kind of lean toward green, have you noticed?

But I really shouldn't buy anything else right now. Everyone tells me, "Buy a little bit at a time," but what if you want everything at once???


danielle said...

I love that green coverlet..I have been spying on it too. And I feel the same way - about wanting it all Right Now. If only money fell from the sky, right?

devon said...

ok, here's how i justify it...
the bedspread is the center of the room in terms of color. it pretty much determines the rest of the room in design because if somebody glances in your room, it's like, 30 percent of the area and the first thing people will see. SO it only makes sense to buy the comforter, THEN buy the rest of the room "a little at a time." see how that works? ;)

freckles said...

I suffer from the same problem but the fact that I really have no extra money keeps me from buying anything.

I need to be covered at night too and
I have also coveted this exact quilt from West Elm. Although I lean towards the orange.

Artsy Fartsy said...

Ugh, I need that quilt in my life. I completely understand what you mean about wanting it all NOW. Did all your furniture from the condo seem just a little shabby in the new house?

Cuz' mine does.