Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Shows Galore

Nah, I don't want money. Saving is silly. Spend! Spend! Spend!

This is in reference to all the good shows coming up that I just can't pass on. I already got Radiohead tickets for August 12th, and I can't wait for that show. [August 2001 Radiohead show at Liberty State Park ranks as my favorite show of all time.]

I also discovered yesterday that Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band will be playing The Troc the night before Radiohead. Gotta see that. I'm headed out at lunch time to get tickets before the whiney, too-cool-for-school teeny boppers get them first.

While I'm there, I might as well pick up the Built to Spill tickets that we've been meaning to get. It's the Perfect From Now On tour, which should be super-neato-completo.

And then this morning I saw that Ben Folds is playing the Mann Center with a full orchestra. Oh come on. So yeah. I bought those as well.

Geez. There are some fun other shows coming up too (like MGMT, CSS, Stereolab, and Hot Chip), but I'll hold off on those tickets for now. What can I say? Melissa hearts music.


devon said...

so what you're sayin' is, "there's a switch, that gets flipped and it all STARTS makin' sense, and when you're buying show tickets, maybe the fifth or sixth, you're completely alone, in a line of fourteen year olds, you mean nothin' to them... nothing to theeeeemmmmm.."

janny said...

i totally just saw conor a couple weeks ago. i was so close..... so close.... and he was so drunk..... so drunk.... so lovely....
and radiohead is one of my favorite bands ever. probably top two. people so rarely understand the obsession, and it's just inspiring to know that there is hardly anything they can do that is not great.