Friday, June 27, 2008

Join the Club

So many of the blogs that I read daily promote wonderful independent designers and real fashion design icons, but you know what? I can't afford that stuff, as lovely as it may be. So for the most part I stick to the usual "mall" stores. Maybe that's uncool, I don't know.

But one of my favorites, that I don't frequent as often as I'd like, is Club Monaco. If I could own a store's collection as my wardrobe, this would be it. Heavy on the black and white. And abundance of stripes. Classy enough for work, funky enough to make me feel like I'm not another corporate drone.

Lucky for me (unlucky for my wallet) it's within walking distance of my office, so I took a stroll over there today and my oh my, they were having some incredible sales! I picked up a tank, two light sweaters, three tees, and that scarf in the picture on the right.

C'mon, I needed some new clothes to go with my new hair.


Mary said...

I love that last outfit with the white suit and scarf!! LOVE IT.

I want new, cute clothes so badly...It's just not in the budget! I try to buy kind of plain stuff and accessorize, but I find myself in a hurry in the morning and then I don't do that either!

Mrs. Maria said...

Maybe you should take me there when I come see you! :)