Friday, June 20, 2008

In Da House

ANOTHER trip to IKEA yesterday. But I picked up the few things I needed, so hopefully I can go one week without having to go back. I did get to pick up a few plants. Fingers crossed that I don't kill them. Rob has an issue with throwing away plants, so we have a collection of 5 almost dead plants that he still waters regularly in hopes of reviving them.

It's really starting to feel more like a home. This is absolutely terrible, but I'm really not crazy about the blue on the walls! There is no way I'm repainting anytime soon, so I'll learn to love it.


My dad is visiting on Saturday to help me install a ceiling fan and replace the light fixtures like the hideous one in the photo below. Ick. I think that will make a nice difference.

Goodbye Hideous Light Fixture


marzi said...

why do they even bother to make light fixtures like that? seriously? who buys that?

devon said...

or... you could spraypaint it lime green and give it funky circular bulbs!!!

Mary said...

I actually own that light fixture....but my house was built in 1987. I've been looking for a new one recently but haven't found anything I like that doesn't cost a paycheck. I'm curious to see what you find.