Tuesday, May 29, 2007

4 days left!

Four more days to prepare for the show. I have to finish up 20 boxed sets. Finish 48 cards that I had started. Make more gift tags. Paint 5 more easels and frames. Print pricing signs. Glue rhinestones onto appointment cards. Mount certificates. Make a table runner. Figure out my display plan. Make some sammiches to bring along. Buy some shelving and more easels and candy and embroidery floss and water and...and...and...


Sorry, passed out there for a sec. Thank goodness I'm taking Friday as a vacation day.


kat said...

I am sure you are ahead of the game, but totally understand your anxiety! Good luck with getting it all together :)

Prax said...

I just caught up on all your post for the last two months, you do more in a day then i do in a week, good luck Mel!