Thursday, May 24, 2007

Yay! Productivity!

I finally feel like I had a productive evening. [insert relieving sigh here]

I started by mounting, framing, and taking a quick pic of my new certificates. Just the Certificate of Awesomeness, actually. I also have one for Brilliance, Hilarity, and Gorgeousness. (Collect all 4! Haha!) I scrapped my idea of the certificates a few weeks ago, but I got some great feedback the other day, so I changed my mind again. :-)

Here's one framed. Given to myself, by myself. I'm lame I know.

I'm going to have them at the show two ways. Printed 5.5" x 7.5" and mounted on an 8x10 sheet of cardstock. Perfect for framing. And also printed 5.5" x 8.5", along with an A9 envelope. I couldn't decide which presentation I preferred, so I'm doing both.

My second project for the night was painting one of my little IKEA frames and easels. I wanted to test it out to see how it will work as a pricing sign. I like it! I'm going to have 6 on the table, so I hope it doesn't look too crowded. But since all my stuff is little, I wanted to get some height in there somehow.

Now I just have to make sure I'm happy with the pricing. But that's another post to come.

And my final task was cutting all the paper to make 25 boxed sets of cards. That's 100 freakin' cards! Not only did I have to cut two sheets of paper (to be sewn), but I had to punch all the circles and designs to make the little embellishments. Lordy lordy, these cards take a ton of time. I'll never make enough money on them, but unfortunately for my wallet, they are my favorite thing to make.

Here's the end of the cutting process:

Overall, I feel pretty good! I still have over a week to work on all this stuff. And then it'll be time to knock the socks off those Art Star Craft Bazaar attendees!!!


kat said... have been very productive! I'm so impressed. Everything looks super and I can't wait to see your tent + table with all your goods.

You should be really proud!

tomoko said...

I LOVE the easel!

AND your work and presentation are meticulous! Goodness... I need to start thinking about presentation. Yikes!

Looking forward to meeting you at the bazaar!

miss.supafly said...

I love that easely idea to add height to your table -- very cool!