Monday, May 07, 2007

"No time! There's never any time!"

My title quotes Jessie Spano of "Saved by the Bell". If you saw the episode, you'll remember. I might need some caffeine pills if I plan to accomplish anything before the show.

So yeah, not a very productive weekend. I finished the pink and black boxed sets, just about. I didn't start any new cards. And I'm a little nervous because the next two weekends I'll be away from home. My mother told me to bring my crafts with me this weekend and she'll help me out. That means I have to get seriously organized so I know what to bring.

My key fob display came in. I think it's perfect! I'm going to start out pricing them at $5/piece, buy three get one free. But if they aren't selling, I'll drop it to $4. I kinda just want to get rid of them at this point.

Here's the display, don't mind the awful photo:

And a detail of some of the fobs:

As Jessie Spano also said, "I'm so excited! I'm so excited! I'm so...scared!" That sums it up.


miss.supafly said...

Is it completely sad that I didn't need the Jessie Spano reference to know where the title came from? Those key fobs are so cute! I really like that yellow one with the circles, the green one with the circles, the one with the flowers and that brown one with the pink and yellow... OK, so I really like all of them... Oh, and I don't think $5 is too high.

David the Intern said...

I was going to buy a key fob, but now I know to wait until the price goes down.

I'm diggin' your signage & display.

Rachel said...

love them! I think the one on the bottom right is my favorite. Do you have a mail order business?

Melissa said...

I have my website, but I don't get much traffic there. And i have an etsy shop, but I've never had a sale there. So I'm pretty much just hoping that I'll sell a bunch at the craft fair since my online shops haven't been too lucrative!