Friday, May 25, 2007

It's a lifesize melissahead!

More prep last night. I realized that I never posted a photo of my fun vinyl banner! I got it from Wholesale Bannerz after reading a recommendation on The Switchboards. Their pricing couldn't have been better (unless it was free). And despite some slight color issues, I think it came out great!

Check it out, my logo head is lifesize!

I also received my business cards yesterday. I went with a very clean, simple design. I originally wanted something a little more flashy, more creative, more crafty, but this'll do.

Yes, I am a Creative Crusader.

By the way, if anyone else has any pricing thoughts, be sure to share in my post below! T H A N K S !


marta said...

adorable!! oh my goodness that banner is fantastic and i think the simple, clean look says a lot on a business card. beautiful.

kat said...

you are going to look like a real pro! The banner is fantastic and I really love your business card. Simple, elegant.

Your title is super. Right now, I'm going by, "creative czarina" :)

sooziebee said...

Hi Melissa

Found your blog site on Switchboards, the business card question, and thought I'd take a quick peek! Like the blog, although it seems I have a lotta cathing up to do. It makes me chuckle though, a lot of what you say sounds like the things that rattle around my brain at times!! Like the cards anyway and loving your work, I will be in touch again, as this is exactly the same kinda thing I want to get started with this summer. I am just finishing a Art and Design Foundation Course, and instead of going on to Uni (been there and done that and don't fancy any more debt, thankyou very much!) I am going to attempt to start my own mini-business, if I ever get an ideas for my merchandise!!! Anyway, enough ramblings, will keep in touch


miss.supafly said...

How cool! I have no need for a SupaFly banner at the moment, but I might have to get one just because... Oh, and I love the business cards! I'm a "simple" design kind of person, so they're totally cute to me! ;)