Thursday, May 10, 2007

Did you hear about the fire at the circus???

It was intense. Get it? In tents? Har har har.

Well, speaking of tents, guess who is the proud owner of a 10x10 EZ-Up fancy-pants tent? Me! I guess I failed to realize that by signing up to do an outdoor craft fair, I'd be subject to the elements. Purchasing a tent was recommended. And I had no clue how pricy tents were! Sure, I could have found a cheapo tent from a drug store or dumpster or something, but from reading what other crafty ladies have written, investing in a good tent was a better idea.

Thank goodness for craigslist because I was able to find a brand new 10x10 EZ-Up tent (which usually retails for around $300) for $150. The seller noted that they were purchased for "a wedding that never happened." Awesome.

Check it out. I'll be like a craft show pro!

*awesome watermark not included


kat said...

If I do some craft shows I might need to buy one of these too. Did they have any left?

You are going to be so styling :)

Rachel said...

I hope there was a fanny pack included!

Valerie said...

What an awesome price. I have been trying to erase the memory of buying my tent for two years now...anyway, can't wait to meet you in Philly!