Friday, May 11, 2007

Dang it!

I had huge plans of bringing all my crafts to my parents' house this weekend so I can get a ton of stuff finished. I packed up all my supplies days early and was all set to go.

Of course I had to forget something. What did I forget? The container with ALL my paper!!!

So now I pretty much can't do a damn thing. That's just dandy.


Jeope said...

What the fugg? "Dandy"? You watch the sailor-mouth, missy – or we'll turn our plane right around and go someplace else. I can't be subjected to language like that.

Seriously, though – when the heck did you become a blogger again? I mean, I turn my back for a second and...

miss.supafly said...

Man that stinks! I'll send you happy thoughts so that you can get everything cranked out. ;)

Sarah said...

Thanks for your comments Melissa. I am so stoked to win the book. But feel a bit bad because poor Holly has to send it to NZ!
Love your little gift tags.